About Us

Bird Magic Products is a company owned and operated in Australia. Situated in Victoria, our primary focus is on providing eco-friendly bird safe cleaning products.

Whether you use them in your home or aviaries, our products ensure the well-being of your parrots by protecting them from harmful chemicals.

We are dedicated to delivering premium quality and have developed a range of bird-safe cleaning solutions. These products are suitable for various applications throughout your living space or aviaries. You can rest assured that your parrots will be shielded from any detrimental effects caused by toxic substances.

All our cleaning products are crafted using plant-based ingredients, completely safe from any toxic chemicals. This natural composition not only safeguards the health of your feathered companions but also proves highly effective in handling a wide array of cleaning tasks and stain removal requirements.

In addition to our premium quality bird-safe cleaning products, Bird Magic Products takes pride in offering a diverse range of accessories that are perfect for enhancing your bird’s living spaces. Whether you have a bird cage, aviary, or play gyms, we have a wide selection of accessories to meet your specific needs.

Our accessories are designed with the well-being and entertainment of your birds in mind. We understand the importance of providing a stimulating and comfortable environment for your feathered friends, and our products are carefully curated to cater to those requirements.

At Bird Magic Products, we are committed to offering high-quality, bird-friendly solutions that contribute to the health, safety, and happiness of your avian companions.