Bird Sitting

Bird Magic Products offers specialised house sitting services, guaranteeing the well-being of your feathered companions while you enjoy your time away.

Offering a dedicated service tailored for birds brings immense peace of mind to owners, allowing them to enjoy their time away without concerns about their bird’s welfare.

For the safety of our birds and any guest birds, we mandate clearances for PBFD, Chlamydia, and a Faecal Test. Avian vets must conduct these tests at least three weeks before booking to ensure timely results.

Based in Wheelers Hill (South Eastern Suburbs), we also offer a home service for daily visits to your place within a 10km radius, please feel free to contact or 0412 014 424 to discuss your requirements.

We limit the number of birds we care for at our home to ensure they have ample time outside their cages, accommodating individual needs based on each bird and the owner’s requirements.

Our feeding schedule involves twice-daily meals. Typically, mornings consist of a variety of veggies, while evenings include fruits, nuts, along with pellets or seeds, all tailored to meet the specific needs of each bird.

Prices are as follows to care for birds at our premises:
Single Bird
$15.00  1-7 Days Per Day
$13.00  8-14 Days Per Day
$11.00  15 + Days Per Day 
Two Birds 
$25.00  1-7 Days Per Day
$21.00  8-14 Days Per Day
$18.00  15 + Days Per Day 
Three Birds
$32.00  1-7 Days Per Day
$28.00  8-14 Days Per Day
$25.00  15 + Days Per Day 
If you have more birds than mentioned please feel free to contact us to discuss further.
Once booking is confirmed we will email you a form to complete before your booking to confirm all tests are cleared along with personal bird details, what they like, don’t like, foods etc.
Look forward to hearing from you!