Getting Stubborn Birds To Eat More Vegetables

Getting stubborn birds to eat their veggies can be a bit challenging, but with patience and the right approach, you can encourage them to incorporate more vegetables into their diet.

In my personal experience, I feed my birds vegetables in the morning, followed by fruit and nuts in the evening. I do this because if you were to combine fruit, vegetables, and nuts for their morning meal, the birds would prioritise the fruit and nuts. By following this feeding schedule, I ensure that they have a more extended period during the day to consume the essential vegetables before indulging in fruit and nuts for their evening snack.

If placing vegetables in their dish proves ineffective, it’s advisable to explore strategies that allow them to engage their inherent foraging instincts through play and searching for their food.

You could consider introducing them to a bird-feeding skewer that provides various types of vegetables for them to pick and chew on.

Promoting a diverse range of foods is vital, and ensuring they have the opportunity to experience various options entails changing the daily vegetable selection.

If you’re uncertain about which foods to choose, you can refer to the following list provided by Queensland Aviaries, which offers a variety of bird-safe vegetables. Click Here

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